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Gift Shops

Gift Shops

Karaoke Room

Karaoke Room

Karaoke Bar

Karaoke Bar

Massage Parlors

Shopping Mall

Yossanya(Comic Books, Tea and Okonomiyaki)

Space Walker

Space Walker(Escalator)

This is one of the attractions at Hotel Urashima. Connecting the Main Building and Sanjokan, this escalator called Spacewalker is the longest altitude difference in Japan!

It is 154 m in overall length while rising vertically 77 m at a 30° angle. Guests can enjoy views of the Kumanonada Sea while riding it.

It takes 5 min 45 sec to reach the top. If there were stairs, it would require 428 steps.

Space Walker illust

Space Walker image

Gift Shops

1 Gift Shops

The hotel's gift shops have a wide array of local specialties from the Nachikatsuura area, as well as popular souvenirs, original merchandise branded by the hotel and novelty items.
Gift shops can be found in the Main Building and the along the passageway between the Nisshokan and Nagisakan.
Guests can search for something to remind them of their stay.

2 Karaoke Room

Karaoke is a great pastime to enjoy after eating or soaking in the hot springs.

Karaoke Room

Karaoke Bar

3 Karaoke Bar

This snack bar/karaoke bar lets guests enjoy a glass and singing at the same time.
The doors are open to those who like to mix alcohol with karaoke.

  • Massage Parlors
  • 4 Massage Parlors
  • There are 2 massage parlors on the premises where guest can indulge in full-body massages, foot massages and more.
    Guests can refresh their body and soul with a course of choice.
  • Yossanya(Comic Books, Tea and Okonomiyaki)
  • 5 Yossanya(Comic Books, Tea and Okonomiyaki)
  • Shop operator Yossan makes available to guests his huge collection of rare comic books! Guests can enjoy a good comic book in one hand, and okonomiyaki and a drink in the other.
  • Shopping Mall
  • 6 Shopping Mall
  • This shopping mall has a wide variety of souvenirs from the Kinan area include trinkets and figurines carved from prized wood from the Kishu area.
    Guests should definitely pay a visit.

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