Cuisine | Feast on the flavors of Nachikatsuura

Dining at Hotel Urashima

Meals at Hotel Urashima Resort & Spa are prepared with locally procured produce and catch.
Meal plans are designed to offer guests a wide selection from our 80-plus item buffet to extravagant
Kaiseki arrangements carefully prepared by our chefs.



Eat what you like, as much as you like! Our buffets feature over 80 tasty items.

Tuna Carving Show
At the heart of our service (offer?) is a daily Tuna Curving Show!

Message from our Executive Chef

I want our guests to get their heart's content of the flavors found in Nachikatsuura.

Nanki-Katsuura is famous for "tuna" as over 4,000 tons of the prized delicacy are landed every year.

To compliment our tuna preparations, we serve our guests foods prepared with locally sourced seasonal ingredients that tell of the natural blessings of the Katsuura area.

Tomohisa Hirosaki


After training at the Onoya Geihinkaku Hotel,
Chef Hirosaki became the Head Chef at Hotel Urashima.

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